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Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
. now heavy shower activity moving to upstate new york. showers weakening. that has some lightning in it. now it is falling apart. we are left with more showers. that will move past us in a few hours. as the rain moves -- moves up, we did have a dense fog in the morning. that is why the weather service continues. visibility in this area going under a quarter mile at times. the good news is it is mid december and all the moisture is falling above freezing. 52 downtown. 51 right now. temperatures will not cool off in the morning. maybe even rising a few more degrees overnight. the winds are beginning to shift to the south. a few showers. unseasonably warm tonight. the moisture will be pushed out through this front. a dreary start. behind it, westerly winds, high pressure will build in, it will be a breezy afternoon and we may see some shun china -- sunshine. in the western maryland mountains, the rain changes to snow showers. an inch or two is possible. not that chilly here. wednesday, we clear things out. a lot of sunshine. another mile day. changes going into next week and, a stronger co
Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
was laid for firefighters in new york. officials believe the remains of the sister of the shooter. her younger brother is responsible for setting fires and ambushing first responders. the fund typewritten reports saying the shooter wanted to burn down the neighborhood, and saying, "i want to do what i do best -- killing people puzzle in connecticut today, police officers received a gift of time. other officers from across the state have stepped up to fill in, so every newtown police officer can spend the day at home with their families. the department has been working nonstop since the shooting that left 20 students and sex educators said. the group passed out free hot chocolate, doughnuts, and panda bears tickets on christmas eve. the archbishop is keeping his thoughts on the community. he spent 11 years as bishop of bridgeport, connecticut. today, he celebrated his first christmas in baltimore, presiding over mess. hundreds of catholics were mindful of the community. >> we are remembering them, praying for them, asking the lord to give them consolation and healing. and certainly to l
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
for guns this year. still ahead on 11 news, new york city's second subway murder this month. tonight, who police arrested for the latest crime and why they say it was a hate crime. plus, a plane runs out of landing strip in moscow and crashes onto a highway. we will have that story when we continue >> a plane ran out of runway and crashed onto a highway in moscow. broke into pieces and caught on fire. 12 crew members were on board. four of them were killed. investigators say initial indications point to pilot error. the latest subway murder in new york city was a hate crime. they charged a 31-year-old erik menendez. she is accused of pushing a man in front of a 7 train. she says she has hated muslims since 9/11 that he thought the victim was one. the victim was from india. former president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care and improving. he is in a regular hospital room. the bushes thank everyone for their prayers. he is the oldest living former president. he has been in the hospital since november 23 to be treated for bond credits. -- bronchitis. dropping temperatures could mean
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
evening from hofstra university in hempstead, new york. i'm candy crowley from cnn state of the union. [ applause ] welcome to the second presidential debate. tonight's debate is a town hall,
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
with the ravens. the ravens pulled away. the defensive coordinator laid out what makes him so affective new york he rarely fumbles. >> this knows the work of a four-yard game. this is not a guide who, i have a chance to jump cut it and make a big play or get tackled for a loss, or i could go to more extra yards. that is what he will do. >> yet to make much of a new look on the roster, the orioles. you will see a new look for batting practice. anything further in corporates a cartoon bird works for me. a nice effect in 2012. 1961 cotton ball. revitalizing. critics accuse and. a tie at 34. four plays later, brandon. there he goes. 83 yards. 48-34 is your final. good work in defense. john with the first of the middle. [indiscernible] in front of him. 2 yards out. 29-20. 17,000 in attendance. 8000 at the stadium. >> the intention a yellow pad on the uniforms. i did not listen to anything he said. [laughter] >> this will not be a block busters storm. just a few inches of snow on saturday. we will nail down the exact amount tomorrow. another weak storm on new year's day. we will get snow out of this o
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
much. according to statistics provided by the state of new york, the devices help reduce drunk driving a rests by 14%. robinson believes it is effective, but also says if there is any change in maryland law, it should be best -- >> the ability to drink of alcohol and drive in this state and any other state should not be 0.0 a. it should be zero. very clearly. change the law and make it clear you cannot drink and drive. if you are driving, do not be drinking. >> he still has a long way to go. his wife catherine is proud of the tremendous strides he is taking, but he is angry about everything that has happened. >> i'm afraid, i will let that consume me. i cannot have that concern me. i need to worry about him. >> just last week the national transportation safety board recommended all states require the installation of ignition interlock in vehicles of convicted drunk drivers, including first-time offenders. >> now your forecast with tom tasselmyer chief tom. >>-- with chief meteorologist tm tasselmyer. >> a trace of precipitation earlier in the morning. not enough to measure at the airpo
Dec 23, 2012 11:30pm EST
but they say the foster will be fine. anquan bolder injured his shoulder over the new york giants for the chicago bears running back matt forte injured an ankle he injured earlier this year and in a walking boot after the win over the cardinals. right ankle injury. randall cobb jushed his ankle and i'm told x-rays taken after the game were negative and he'll have mri on monday and could be available for week 17 against the vikings and should be available for the postseason. >> okay, mike, thanks. tune into "pro football talk" every weekend at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. the seahawks 42 and the 49ers 13. al and cris back to wrap things up from seattle after this. . no. wendy's mozzarella chicken supreme. crisp chicken, lots of mozzarella, and a rich parmesan sauce. making tastes that make the season. that's wendy's way. now that's better. get a $10 toys-r-us gift card offer when you purchase a kid's meal. see offer for details. my son loves the apps and movies. but my daughter? vampire books. sharing... whooh forget it! with our walmart credit card -- special financing, we
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
. the suspect has been identified as gary foot of new york, he as been charged wit. kenni shaw was brutally attacked in baltimore city of christmas day. he sat down with barry simms. my hands upolding to block my face. >> but the move did not work. this is a picture of kenni shaw after being repeatedly punched. >> i was on the ground most of the time. i could i get up. i couldn't even see. my eyes were swollen set -- shut. >> he said he just left the only stores open at the does neighborhood during the holiday. according to a police report, he just left and liquor store at the corner of east hoffman and milton. a group of five for six men surrounded him. one man hit him suddenly. >> startled, he said he wondered why he was attacked. >> i asked him what happened. he punched me in the face again. after that, i was on the ground. >> that he received 10 more punches to the face. he is by sure how many people were hitting him. he says he heard these words at the end of the attack -- >> at the end, they said if you had money, we would have robbed you. >> he is the good physically now but mentally
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm EST
to a hospital in new york. doctors discovered a blood clot during a follow-up exam today. he would not say where the client is located. -- the blood clot is located. she suffered a concussion several weeks ago after fainting while recovering from a stomach virus. she is supposed to return to work tomorrow. in 24 hours, america goes after a bridge over the fiscal cliff. the spending cuts and tax hikes are expected to take effect. >> the night before the fiscal cliff. the senate gave up until tomorrow. >> there is still time to reach an agreement. >> they dropped the demand to cut social security. >> i am optimistic we can live move legislation and get this averted before tomorrow. >> the taxes will go up on most americans. huge cuts kick in. >> i think it is obvious president obama wants us to go over the fiscal cliff. >> president obama blamed republicans. >> they say the biggest priority is making sure they deal with the deficit in a significant way. they are behaving in a way that they're only priority is that the tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. blacks mitch mcconnell is
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9